Sustaining Community Lands, Inc.
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Stop Sprawl and Limit Population Growth

Stop Sprawl and Limit Population Growth:

Take as Much Land as Possible

Out of Development


Sprawl has consumed South Florida through the process of incremental urbanization - the piecemeal annexation of rural lands by Cities and Urban Service Districts.

Florida Comprehensive Plans encourage Sprawl. They accommodate new development by expanding the Urban Service District.

Sprawl causes intense population growth. For example, when rural lands with the potential for one unit per 20 acres are annexed into an urban area, they are given urban land uses. Even if the urban use is low density - two units per acre - the population will increase 40 times. That is a 4000% increase!

There is no political defense against sprawl. Years of Good Planning can be undone by one vote of the governing City or County Commission. Historically, few, if any, communities have been able to maintain a "No Growth" political commitment for extended periods of time. As a result, relying on elected officials to limit growth is an untrustworthy and likely temporary solution.

  Acquiring the Land - or the Right to Control the Use of the Land - is the Only Answer.

Title Held by Multiple Owners.
Conservancy Protects Community Interest


  • Community Land Conservancy
  • Local or State Governments
  • Other Organizations


  • Is Community Rather than Politically Driven
  • Has Authority and Power to Represent the People
  • Takes the Long-Term View