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How the Florida Scenic Highway Program Works

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The Florida Scenic Highway Program is a program run by the Florida Department of Transportation that heightens awareness of our State's historical and intrinsic resources - cultural, historical, archeological, recreational, natural and scenic – by focusing on unique local roads that are sponsored by grass-roots community efforts.

Who can participate?

Anyone with an interest in their community can participate in this voluntary program, including citizens, civic groups, businesses and governments. As with any grass-roots effort though, organization is key.

How does the program work?

The program consists of a step-by-step process divided into three phases, Elegibility, Designation, and Implementation.
    The Corridor Advocacy Group (CAG).  The first step during the Eligibility Phase is the formation of the Corridor Advocacy Group (CAG), a temporary citizen’s group that initiates the process, generates community support, forms strong partnerships and develops the necessary documentation.

The CAG is responsible for completing the application, the developing the Corridor Management Plan (CMP), and  developing a Community Participation Program (CPP) that aims to involve the entire community in the effort. 

The Martin Grade CAG is currently made up of interested parties along the corridor.  As we progress, we are seeking the participation of a wide range of people throughout the area in order to have a broad base of support.

The Corridor Management Plan (CMP).   During the Designation Phase, the CAG working with the community develops the CMP, which consists of a vision statement for the Scenic Corridor along with a set of goals and strategies for achieving those goals. 

The purpose of the CMP is to direct the Corridor Management Entity (CME), which will come into being in the Implementation Phase, on the initial vision and scope of the corridor.  

The Corridor Management Entity (CME).    The CME is an official, permanent group that plays a vital role throughout the life of the Corridor.  Its members are responsible for maintaining the Corridor Vision and keeping the community engaged. 

This entity will be brought together by the CAG and will likely consist of some CAG members, along with wildlife experts, planning personnel, business leaders, and politicians.   This variety of membership is aimed to ensure that the entire community is involved in the success of the Corridor and for those with specific expertise to assist in implementing the Vision into the future.

The Community Participation Program (CPP).  The CPP is a very important step in this process.  This program is designed to inform the public about of the Scenic Highway Project, gather support for the cause, and raise funds to ensure the success and longevity of the Corridor. 

The CPP is important because designation as a Scenic Highway does not automatically keep the corridor from being widened, which would destroy the canopy. 

It is only through public involvement that the trees can be saved.  Our goal is to garner so much support for the Corridor that no politician would dream of voting to bulldoze the trees.


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